What situations are plant fill lights suitable for?

Plant fill light is a lamp that uses light instead of sunlight to provide the light source required for plant growth and development according to the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis.
What situations are the plant fill lights mainly suitable for?

1. In continuous rain and snow, the shed cannot be pulled up. Every year in the late winter and early spring, affected by the cold air from Siberia going south, the rain and snow weather formed in the northern region will have 2-3 days or even more than a week of continuous overcast weather. The respiration consumption of crops is far greater than the photosynthetic production of nutrients, which is very unfavorable for the greenhouse. Growth of indoor vegetables. At this time, the fill light can play a role in saving the life of vegetables.

2. In the deep winter, the strawberry is pulled late and put out early, and the daily light time is only about 6 hours. At this time, the fill light is used. Every day, the straw is pulled for 2 hours before the straw is pulled. This method can not only increase the yield, but also significantly improve the quality of vegetables.

3. The front face of the digging-down type greenhouse is dug too deep, and the sunlight cannot reach the front face. In Shouguang and the surrounding areas, many vegetable farmers use the digging-down type greenhouse construction mode for heat preservation and wind protection when building greenhouses. When the depth exceeds 1 meter, the result is that after vegetable planting, the position of about 3 meters on the front face is seriously insufficient, and the seedlings grow slowly and thin. At this time, hanging fill lights on the front face can significantly improve this situation.

2. Continuous fog and haze weather, serious lack of light. In recent years, due to the comprehensive influence of climate and environment, haze weather and severe fog and haze weather often occur, and the lack of light greatly affects the photosynthesis of vegetables. At this time, supplementary light can be used to enhance the light. In addition, it can also be alleviated by wiping the shed film to improve the light transmittance.

In addition to the above situations, more and more growers use plant fill lights for planting fill light when planting crops, and the large-scale indoor plant lighting planting industry is gradually emerging, and the use of special plant fill lights can play a role in the crops. It plays an important role in promoting growth, increasing production increments, going to market in advance, and stabilizing production.

Post time: Mar-14-2022