Should Plants Use Grow Lights?

Plants all need to perform photosynthesis so that they can grow. Even mosses that are particularly shade-tolerant need bright light to survive. Various shade-tolerant plants commonly found on the market must maintain proper light to survive. Completely dark environment. If the environment is too dark, should a plant light be used?

I have seen a lot of plant lights before, and they all emit purple or pink light, which looks very strange. If you turn on these lights at home and add light to the plants, it will look like a pink and purple light outside. Misunderstood by others that my home is a bad place.

But you must know that the spectrum of most of the current plant lights is not accurate, and the lumens are not enough, that is to say, the intensity of the light is not enough, and the growth requirements of the plants are not enough.
Therefore, the fill light or plant light we usually use now can only be used as a temporary supplement to keep plants alive, and cannot replace sunlight.

Common indoor plants can grow well under plant lights for a short period of time. Generally, they can maintain a good state in about two or three months. For example, when there is no sunlight in winter, or in rainy weather, plant lights can be used appropriately.

Post time: Mar-11-2022