Sample actual LED plant light high efficiency uniform lighting plant?

1, LED plant light pearl distribution
Irradiated plant light for LED plant light, its purpose is naturally used for plant growth, ideal condition for lighting, ideal for crop planter, desired for crop planter, self-crop Nomomori balanced growth, LED plant light Koreho No. Ito Noh, Hitoshi Hitoshi Irradiation in Japan.虑蔑 Distribution The main issue is the existence of a uniform distribution LED plant light, the size of the illuminated surface, the size of the main jewels, the structure of the main pearl lanterns, the irrational distribution irrelevant light lantern position, a certain degree of association LED plant light irradiation, multi-individual area, plant growth and state difference, this sample is used for LED plant light.
LED plant lanterns direct distribution important, contemplation, Wakako 12 12 blue lanterns in line, 84 blue lanterns in 7 lines, imaginable, knowledge
2, physical optics equipment use
LED plant lights intensified and lit, illuminated and uniform directions Physical physics of use Principal light reflection Wako illusion. LED plant light use optical reflection increased light illumination and light illumination uniformity, main use anti-light cup COB use metal substrate, LED plant light anti-light cup principle use Waga we use transient hand tube one sample, general light source emitting light one-way flux, Increased local light intensity, non-uniformity LED plant light anti-light cup reflection light angle meeting, large hand electric tube anti-light cup, and fold-in-correction precision calculation design, irradiation protection, internal light intensity and light illumination uniformity.
Anti-light effect like metal substrate. LED plant light, pearl light emitting light maximizing use of plants, its main reflective partial light rays, and main light flux. Naturally, it is a non-existent action, a reflection light beam, a fixed fixed jewel and a heat-dissipating action. LED plant light use optical emission principle increase light illumination and light illumination evenness primary use optical transparency, modification optical line-up, light-emitting principle, light-transmission solid body, re-transmission solid, incoming air body, meeting development direction change , General use single-type transparent and multiple-type transparent, Noshin-sei-jikoku control light-illuminator distribution.

Post time: Jul-31-2020