Description of basic parameters of plant light:

Conventional installation height and lighting time of plant lights:

According to the different responses of plants to the photoperiod, plants can be divided into three types: long-day plants, short-day plants and medium-day plants;

①Long-day plants: During the growth and development of plants, the daily light time exceeds a certain limit (14-17 hours) to form flower buds.

The longer the light, the earlier the flowering. Such as rape, spinach, radish, cabbage, osmanthus, etc.;

②Medium-sunlight plants: During the growth and development of plants, there is no strict requirement on the length of light. Such as roses, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, clivia, etc.;

③Short-day plants: Plants need 8-12 hours of light for growth and development. Such as strawberries, chrysanthemums, etc.;

LED full light ordinary plant light YL-PL300W-100RBWUI product introduction

A: The shell material is plastic shell/all aluminum + transparent PC cover, spraying/painting process molding, shell color can be customized according to customer needs.

B: Composed of 100 LED 3W high-power lamp beads, the color ratio of the lamp beads is usually between 4:1-10:1, and the red light wavelength is 620nn-630nm.

Or 640nm-660nm, blue light wavelength is 460nm-470nm, special ratio can be customized according to customer requirements.

C: Built-in drive power. The heat dissipation method uses an aluminum substrate and a fan to dissipate heat. The heat dissipation effect is very ideal. Ensure the normal working environment of the lamp beads, prolong the service life of the lamp beads, and improve the effectiveness and stability of the light source to plants.

D: The product is easy to install and cost-effective. Safety, environmental protection, no pollution, no harmful substances.

E: The service life is 30,000 hours, and the quality is guaranteed for two years.

Safety precautions for the use of LED full-light plant lights:

This product is not waterproof. Do not spray or put in water, otherwise it will cause leakage and damage the human body or lamps. When using, please ensure that the product is used in a normal environment. The working environment of the lamp is -20~40℃, 45%~95%RH. Avoid installing in a place with heat source, hot steam and corrosive gas, so as not to affect the service life. Before installation, make sure that the installation location can bear 10 times the weight of the product. When the lamp is working, do not touch or move it, and do not look directly at the growth lamp. Please cut off the power when thunder. Do not block the air inlet and outlet, and keep air convection.

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