led red and blue plant light red and blue

The led red and blue light plant light is ideal for plant growth in various stages. It can work well with indoor gardens, water-based or soil-cultivated plants. It is suitable for indoor gardens, potted plants, seeding, breeding, and farms. , Greenhouses, greenhouses, etc., such as cucumbers, bitter gourds, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, strawberries, cherries, melons and other plants.

Product Detail

1. Product introduction

   1. The shells of LED plant lights and LED aquarium lights are made of a combination of two kinds of metals, the iron is made of baking varnish, and the aluminum alloy (lighter) is sandblasted.
   2. From light to thin design, the height of the entire lamp (including lens) is strictly controlled at 60mm, and the appearance is small and light.
  3. The lamp bead is equipped with a secondary optical lens, so that the light source has a stronger condensing effect and penetrating power.
  4. The shell and the radiator are integrally formed, the heat dissipation area is maximized, and two high-efficiency silent fans are built in, which effectively reduces the heat dissipation problem when the product is working.
   5. The whole lamp is assembled in a modular manner, the lamp board is divided into three, and the three groups of lamp boards are driven by independent power supplies. The shell is divided into three for easy disassembly and assembly, and subsequent maintenance is also simple and convenient.
6. Plant lights are suitable for various stages of plant growth, flowering, and fruiting. They can work well with indoor gardens, water-based or soil-cultivated plants; aquarium lights are suitable for aquariums, freshwater/seawater fish tanks , Marine biology breeding, etc.;
  7. Safety, energy saving, environmental protection, free of pollution and harmful substances.
   2. Product features
   1. Lightweight and compact, the height is at least 5-10mm lower than the same traditional lensed LED plant light, the weight is less than 0.5-1.5KG, and the volume is smaller.
   2. Humanized design, modular assembly, simple and convenient after-sales processing.
  3.3W high power LED as light source. The life span is up to 50,000 hours.
4. The LED wavelength can be specified by the customer. We recommend using 620-630nm and 640-660nm for red light wavelengths and 450-460nm and 460-470nm for blue light wavelengths. Red light promotes plant germination and flowering, and blue light promotes plant growth, you can choose by yourself More suitable wavelength and color ratio promote plant growth.
  5. Built-in power supply with CE certification, no other equipment configuration, directly connected to AC85v~264v voltage with simple and safe plug, no need for reflector and ballast.
  6. ​​All the materials used in the product meet the requirements of environmental protection and do not contain harmful heavy metal substances.
   Three, matters needing attention
   1. When using, ensure that the product is used in a normal environment.
   2. Do not touch or knock the product when the lamp is working.
  3. This product has no waterproof function, please do not get wet.
  4. The irradiation area and height of the lamp will change according to different plants and environments, and the technical parameters will also change.


150WLED plant light parameters
Item value item value
Dimensions 338*198*60mm Power 150W (72*3W)
Input voltage AC100-240V IP protection Not waterproof, not rainproof
Working current 630mA, service life 50000H
Working frequency 50~60Hz Lamp bead wavelength red 620-630nm; blue 450-460nm
Working environment -20℃~40℃ Net weight 3.0KG/PCS
Inner box packing 445×114×257mm/1PCS gross weight 3.35KG/PCS
Outer box packing 451×448×267mm/4PCS packing Neutral packing
Irradiation area 3m/4㎡, 2m/2㎡, 1m/0.8㎡ LUX 3m/654,2m/1336,1m/675

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