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Factory Supply Phlizon 2000w Cob - Indoor Vertical Farming Grow Rack Systems|Archibald – Archibald Detail:

Full-spectrum plant growth lamp, integrated design, working voltage AC85-265V, built-in constant current power supply. Low power consumption, high light absorption rate, 90% of the light is absorbed by plants. Using high-quality imported LED light source, imported high-transmittance PC transparent cover + aviation aluminum, the life span is up to 50,000 hours. The full-spectrum light formula contains all the light bands required by plants, and covers the wavelengths after 660. Simultaneous irradiation of 660+730nm far-red light wavelengths will have a gain effect on photosynthesis rate and achieve a dual-light gain effect.

[Scope of application of LED plant lights]: Can be widely used in aqueous solution cultivation, group cultivation of seedlings, plant factories, greenhouse planting, indoor, balcony, basement planting, gardening seedling cultivation and other fields. This product is suitable for the tissue culture of dendrobium, golden thread, potato, banana, tobacco, masson pine, bletilla striata, paper mulberry, red maple, gerbera, anthurium and other flowers, strawberry, tomato, green pepper, pepper, eggplant, bitter gourd, loofah, Plant tissue culture and cultivation of tomatoes, cherries, melons, melons, grapes, succulents and cucumbers.

2. The advantages of full-spectrum LED plant lights:
1. Energy-saving and power-saving by 50%, free of air conditioning and cooling
2. Shorten the plant growth cycle, 5 days in advance a month;
3. Improve quality, up to 95% for 100 trees;
4. The tissue cultured seedlings grow evenly, without unevenness, and the growth is stable;
5. Promote the growth of seedlings and improve root vigor and chlorophyll content;
6. The leaves are green, the leaves are stretched, easy to export;
7. Reduce plant deformities;
8. The light decay is as small as three thousandths;
9. Long life span 3-5 years without replacement;
3. Advantages of T5 T8 LED Tissue Culture Light:
1. Use customized wavelength spectrum, the wavelength is consistent with the photosynthesis spectrum of plant growth requirements, and promote the rapid growth of plants.
2. The mixed spectrum of red, blue, orange, white, green, and yellow is used to distribute light according to the physiological characteristics of plants, so that the growth of plants can meet customer needs.
3. The company cooperates with Taiwanese chip packaging manufacturers to customize the wavelength of plants to ensure that the peak wavelength is beneficial to the growth of plants.
4. The company and agricultural experts jointly study the physiological characteristics of plants and find out the light compensation point and saturation point of each plant. Optimum lighting for plants.
5. The company has different light sources of 0.2w�.5w1w, and different power and light distribution growth lamps are recommended according to different applications of customers.
Compared with fluorescent lamps, T8 LED grow lights have greater advantages. Under the same illuminance conditions, LEDs can emit greater photosynthetically effective light quantum flux density. LED light sources can adjust illuminance and red-blue-white light quality ratios according to different plant species to provide plants with the most suitable light environment parameters. LED is a cold light source with very small heat radiation, which can irradiate plants at close range to effectively use the planting space, double the yield, greatly reduce the cost, and significantly save the power consumption per unit space.
4. Main technical parameters of LED plant growth light:

[Product name] LED full spectrum plant growth light
[Lamp material] aluminum profile + high light transmittance PC
[Input voltage] AC85-265v, 50-60HZ
【Power consumption】18w
【Light flux】1800lm
[Light source] Imported ultra-bright non-fading LED lamp beads for plant supplement light
【Product size】L1200*W30*H35mm
【Power efficiency】91%
【Power factor】PF>95%
【Lighting Angle】120°
【Color rendering index】ra≥80
[Height from plant] 20cm-40cm

[T5T8 plant light specifications] 0.6 meters 9W, 0.9 meters 14W, 01.2 meters 18W

The effect of spectral range on plant physiology:

280nm to 315nm Opposite shape and physiologic process
315 nm~ 420 nm Absorption of green leaf, shadow photoperiod effect, blocking stem elongation
420 nm to 500 nm (blue) Green and white pigments Absorption proportional maximum, opposition maximum effect
500 nm to 620 nm High pigment absorption rate
750nm ~ 1000nm low absorption rate, stimulator cell elongation, shadow flowering seed germination
>1000nm conversion heat
Statement, Optimum vegetative growth, green leaf absorbing light, immediate orange light, Wazuya purple light, wave length 420-500,620-800 left and right. Fluorescent stimulating plant growth, germination, flowering, flowering period, stimulating plant roots, fruit production increase;


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