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 Durable Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat Warm Hydroponic Heating Pad

  • RELIABLE RESULTS: Archibald’s professional heat mat maintains temperatures in the sweet spot of around 20-30℃(68-86℉)- perfect for seed starting and cutting propagation
  • STABLE, UNIFORM HEAT: Archibald’s strengthened heating film ensure this durable mat never scorches your roots and produces lots of revitalizing dew when used with a humidity dome
  • BUILT TO LAST: Supple, flexible and ultra-durable, Archibald goes beyond stringent MET standards, water-resistance that enables safe scrubbing and a 1-year warranty;This product didn’t specify any expiration date
  • BEST SAVINGS IN THE MARKET: This 10″ x 20.75″ mat is perfect for standard 1020 trays and slightly larger than comparable mats on the market; It also runs on only 18 Watts to help you save on electricity
  • INNOVATIVE HEATING: With radiate far-infrared light wave, making the heat source softer, and proving the seeds with enough heat, it can be heated up to 40 ℃(104℉)at an ambient temperature of 20-25 ℃(68-77℉)in minutes; Recommended for use with Archibald’s thermostat




Product Detail

  • Works great for spring plant starts, in the winter, or any time your plants need a heat boost.
  • Archibald’s customer-first commitment means we are here to solve any problem and make sure you’re satisfied.
  • IP67 water resistance means you can scrub the mat clean or wipe up spills without worry.
  • Energy efficient design: Only uses 20 Watts.

Designed with the Latest Tech- Professional Results


  • Archibald’s upgraded heating film ensures uniform heating and unbeatable durability.
  • Innovative far-infrared light wave, making the heat source softer.
  • The multi-layer construction makes this heat mat won’t overheat or scorch your delicate roots when left on 24 hours a day.
  • The heat conduction ratio can reach over 90%.
  • Users report near 100% success for germination, cloning and root development.
  • Works perfectly for spring plant starts, in the winter or any time your plants need a heat boost.
  • Also great for brewing kombucha or other DIY fermentation projects – wraps around containers nicely.
  • Recommended for use with a Archibald Thermostat Controller and Humidity Dome for best results (both sold separately).

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