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China Cheap price Uv Light For Plants - Greenhouse fill light chrysanthemum planting light led chrysanthemum special fill light – Archibald Detail:

Chrysanthemum planting light LED chrysanthemum special fill light introduction:
Chrysanthemum is a plant of the Compositae family. It uses flower heads as medicine. It is a common traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effects of dispelling wind and heat, clearing the liver and improving eyesight. It is mainly used for symptoms such as wind-heat, dizziness and headache. Drinking chrysanthemum tea often has the function of avoiding heat and trouble, and improving eyesight. Chrysanthemums are cultivated all over the country. The famous ones are Haoju from Anhui, Hangbaiju from Zhejiang, Huaiju from Henan, and Qi chrysanthemum from Hebei are important Chinese medicinal materials exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The chrysanthemum likes a warm climate and a sunny environment. It can tolerate cold and is afraid of waterlogging, but it must not lack water during the seedling and flowering period. The chrysanthemum is a short-day plant and is very sensitive to the length of the sun. Only 10 hours of light a day can bud. flowering. Solaris chrysanthemum planting lamp led chrysanthemum special supplement light lamp uses the growth law of chrysanthemum and the principle of light special beads, adopts a combination of red and blue light, scientific proportions, accurate wavelength, can effectively inhibit flower bud differentiation, achieve artificial regulation of flowering, according to schedule The purpose of the date on the market, and its effect is significantly better than ordinary light source incandescent lamps, energy saving and power saving, promote the growth of chrysanthemums, increase production, and better growth
1. LED chrysanthemum special fill light application scope: greenhouse vegetable and fruit planting, flower breeding, indoor garden, potted planting, seeding, breeding, farm vegetable and fruit planting, pipeline cultivation, facility gardening, factory group cultivation of seedlings, etc. This product is suitable for plants such as strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, rose roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, peppers, green peppers, hot peppers, eggplants, bitter gourds, cucumbers, melons, grapes, cherries and other plants.
2. Advantages of LED greenhouse fill light:
1. The planting time can be selected to shorten the seedling period;
2. Better disease resistance, effectively avoiding the occurrence of diseases and insect pests and deformed fruits; isolated from the outside world, clean, temperature and humidity controllable;
3. Effectively promote flowering or fruiting 15-20 days earlier, shorten the growth cycle, and market early;
4. Seedlings grow rapidly to prevent the seedlings from growing excessively, the root system is developed, the growth is strong, and the disease is relatively few;
5. Increase in output, increase the output of melons and eggplants by more than 30%, and increase the output of leafy vegetables by more than 50%, making the output more stable;
6. The melons and fruits taste more fresh and sweet, the fruit size is more consistent, the flower color is brighter, and the appearance is attractive.
Three, led chrysanthemum special fill light features:
1. The ratio of red and blue light is scientific and the wavelength is accurate. Scientific research shows that the wavelength of light required for photosynthesis of plants is about 460nm and 660nm, and the wavelength range with about 30nm as the effective radius is the most effective. Light environment is one of the indispensable environmental factors for the growth and development of chrysanthemums. Through light quality regulation, controlling plant morphology is an important technology in the field of facility cultivation;
2. This product adopts thickened high-quality precision car aluminum strong convection radiator to achieve efficient heat dissipation and simple and generous appearance. As we all know, heat has a great influence on the life of LEDs, and effective heat dissipation is the guarantee of the life of LEDs;
3. Taiwan Epistar highlights 5730LED lamp beads with high luminous efficiency. High brightness, high color rendering, low light decay, low heat, low energy consumption, high light absorption rate, 90% of the emitted light can be absorbed by plants;
4. The mask is made of high-end acrylic material, does not turn yellow and does not change color, and the light transmittance can reach 95%;
5. High-quality drive power supply (with IC intelligent control circuit), stable current, life of up to 50,000 hours, and strong durability also greatly reduce operating costs;
6. The input voltage is AC220V, built-in power supply, no other equipment configuration, directly connected to the AC220V voltage with a simple and safe plug to work, easy to install and use;
Four, LED chrysanthemum special fill light technical parameters:
【Product Model】RY-JHBG-50W
[Lamp material] aluminum + PC
【Input voltage】AC220V
【Power consumption】50W
【Light flux】5000LM
[Wavelength and color temperature] red and blue = 5:1
【Product size】355*170mm
【Power factor】PF>90%
【Lighting Angle】120°
【Lamp Shade】PC milky white cover/PC transparent cover
【Average lifespan】>30000 hours (Hours)
【Working temperature】-20℃~+45℃
【Working humidity】30%~95%RH
Five, use matters needing attention:
1. Please first check the integrity of the LED plant light and the complete accessories when you receive it; when installing or replacing the light, please turn off the power to ensure safety.
2. The wire on the lamp can be passed through the drill hole and the wire behind the lamp can be fixed with a wire clamp, to ensure that the fixing is firm;
3. Make sure that the power cord of the lamp has sufficient length and not subject to tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive tension when installing the connection cable of the lamp, and don’t make the connection knotted. The output connection should be distinguished, not to be confused with other lamps.
4. The distance between the product and flammable materials should be at least 0.2 meters, and the zenith to be installed should have a gap of 2cm high. The lamps cannot be installed in the zenith or on the wall with heat source. Pay attention to the low-voltage and high-voltage electrical connections. The wires are routed separately;
5. If the lamps are not used for a long time, please turn off the power to save energy and reduce consumption;
6. Regarding the time for plants to supplement light, please arrange scientifically and reasonably according to the supplementary light time needs of different plants to avoid long-term supplemental light damage to plant growth.
[Relationship between light and plants]:
The light environment is one of the important physical environmental factors that are indispensable for plant growth. The effects of different wavelengths of spectrum on plant physiology are mainly manifested in:
280 ~ 315nm: minimal impact on morphology and physiological processes;
315 ~ 400nm: Less absorption of chlorophyll, which affects the photoperiod effect and prevents stem elongation;
400 ~ 520nm: (blue): The absorption ratio of chlorophyll and carotenoids is the largest, and has the greatest impact on photosynthesis;
520 ~ 610nm: (green): the absorption rate of the pigment is not high;
610 ~ 720nm: (Red): The absorption rate of chlorophyll is low, which has a significant impact on photosynthesis and photoperiod effects;
720 ~ 1000nm: Low absorption rate, stimulate cell elongation, affect flowering and seed germination;
  >1000nm: converted into heat.


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China Cheap price Uv Light For Plants - Greenhouse fill light chrysanthemum planting light led chrysanthemum special fill light – Archibald detail pictures

China Cheap price Uv Light For Plants - Greenhouse fill light chrysanthemum planting light led chrysanthemum special fill light – Archibald detail pictures

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