80W 4 Head Timing 80 LED 9 Dimmable Levels Plant LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with Red Blue Spectrum,Grow Ligh


  • Style
  • Light Source Type
  • Power Source
  • Material
  • Finish Type
  • RA:95
  • Input voltage:5V*2.4A
  • Life time: 30,000 Hours
  • Material:Aluminum+PVC
  • Timing setting:4H/8H/12H
  • Lighting Range:2-3 square meters
  • Luminous temperature:5500-6000K
  • LED Chips/Bar:5 Red (660nm) + 37 Sunlight White (Full spectrum)
  • Certification:RoHS CE FCC

  • price : $9.6/pcs
  • weight: 15kg
  • size: 45*42*38cm
  • MOQ: 15pcs
  • price  9.6/pcs

    Product Detail

    About this item

    • Automatically turn on and turn off the timing function: The cycle memory timing function can be set to 3 6 12 hours timer settings, automatically light up plants
    • A variety of led lamp combinations: This LED grow light has made up of 32 red, 16 blue and 36 full-spectrum, totaling 84 high-efficiency grow LEDs
    • 3 switch modes and 5 dimmable options: The grow light has 3 switch modes and 5 different brightness dimmable options
    • 4 flexible led goosenecks: degree flexible gooseneck with clip that can easily adjust the angle and distance, which are suitable for both home and office
    • Multiple uses: This grow light is suitable for indoor plant seedlings, potted plants, greenhouse vegetables, etc. It can be used at home, in a hydroponic greenhouse, an office, etc. It can provide healthy, bright light for your plants, suitable for the entire growing cycle

    夹子灯4head grow light

    solar grow lights

    The Ankace grow light has the following specifications – a total of 84 LEDs ,36 yellow lights and 32 red lights and 16 blue lights. Yellow wavelength 580 nm ,Red wavelength 660 nm, blue wavelength 460 nm. each light is scientific and measured accordingly for optimal plant grow.

    Our growth lights are energy efficient and have high birth rates. you get a balance of quality, safety and longevity.

    • Multiple Uses
    • Best Red/Blue and Full Spectrum
    • Led Combination
    • 3 Timing Modes
    • 5 Dimmable Modes
    • 3 Switch Modes
    • Adjustable Design


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