2 Head Dimmable 360 18W LED Grow Light Professional Plant Lamp Lights Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants


  • Style
  • Light Source Type
  • Power Source
  • Material
  • Finish Type
  • RA:95
  • Input voltage:5V*2.4A
  • Life time: 30,000 Hours
  • Material:Aluminum+PVC
  • Timing setting:4H/8H/12H
  • Lighting Range:2-3 square meters
  • Luminous temperature:5500-6000K
  • LED Chips/Bar:5 Red (660nm) + 37 Sunlight White (Full spectrum)
  • Certification:RoHS CE FCC

  • price: $7.1/pcs
  • weight: 11kg
  • size: 51*36*26cm
  • MOQ: 16pcs
  • Product Detail

    * MULTIPLE USES – It is suitable for indoor plant seedlings grown in a hydroponic greenhouse at your home or you placed in your

    office. It helps to speed up the growth of potted plants, flowering plants, foliage, and succulent plants.
    * BEST RED/BLUE LED COMBINATION – This LED grow lights diverts targeted wavelengths for plants. The 12 Blue LED chips ensure
    plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in germination. 24 Red LED chip contributes to effective
    germination, flowering, and enhances photosynthesis for better results.
    * UPGRADED TIMER – it comes with three timer setting options which allows up to 3, 6, or 12 hours according to plant needs. This
    is a one-way timer whereby lights can automatically turn off after the stipulated time and you will need to turn it on manually.
    * 5 DIMMABLE MODES & 3 SWITCH MODES – it has five dimmable modes to suit varied stages of plant growth. You can just switch the
    lights off or on to suit the plants need.
    * ADJUSTABLE DESIGN – It has a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect to your office or home. With its 360 degrees
    adjustable gooseneck, it is able to light a wider area and emit light in any direction to provide energy to more plants.

    Item Data
    Model WSPROR-50W
    Voltage AC 100-240V, DC 12V / 1.8A
    Rated Power 24W
    Wave Length 400 – 840nm
    Working Temperature -20°C – 40°C / -4°F – 104°F
    Dimensions 24.5 x 38.0 cm / 9.6 x 15.0 in
    Weight 630g / 23oz


















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