1000w HPS Double Ended Grow Lights Kit Used Master Controller

1.Manual dimming gear: 1055-1085W/1045W/1040W/1032W.

2.Ddigital dimming and control: compatible with master controller, dimming range 50%-115%.

3.Die-casting aluminum reflector bracket, more durable.

4.German Alanod aluminum(imported material)reflector 95% efficiency. Detachable and replaceable design.

5.VS socket(imported material), V0 rated.High flame retardancy.

6.Three color LED indicator to show working status.

7.1000W DE HPS bulb, CCT 2100K, 155000lm, PPF 2100umol/s

Product Detail

1000w HPS Double Ended Grow Lights Kit Used Master Controller (3)

Products Description

Item description  Product Parameter
Voltage option 120-240V/277V/347V/480V
Input Current 4.6A-9.3A/3.85A/3.07A/2.17A
Input power 1055-1085W/1045W/1040W/1032W
External Control Compatible with master controller. Dimming Range 50%-115%
Reflector German Alanod Aluminum 95% refletivity, Detachable and replaceable design. Die-casting aluminum bracket.
Dimensions (L*W*H) 61 cmX24.9cmX28.8cm/24.02MX9.8MX11.34N
Product weight 5.4kg/11.90lb
Package size(L*WwH) 62X33.9X27cm
Certification ETL, CSA, CE, RoHs
Socket VS socket, VO rated flame retardancy


Suitable for all stages of plant growth

How to do?

1 . Enclosed style with more light gathering for plant maxi -mumlight output optimum heat management , and longerp life

2 . Available in premium 95 reflectivity European ( VEGA)aluminum , or Chinese aluminum.

3 . Ultra high frequency ballast with high efficiency Dimmable output : 600w / 750w / 1000w / 1 1 50w

4 . 1000W DE HPS Lamp popular choice for grower provides 35% more available energy than standard hp slamp , 2100K,155000lumens , PAR = 2100umol / s


Both MH and HPS are used with air-cooled refectors Kit and Wing Reflector Kit

Intial lumens

Color Temp


PAR Value (400-700nm)

Color Redering Index






A .PR series product
1 . Electronic ballast
2 . Lamp sockets
3 . Mounting points
4 . Bracket 5 Reflector
B . Threeway control cable splitter ( 3XRJ14 )
C . Power cord with either NEMA 5-15 or NEMA 6-15 plug
D . 2x Interconnect / drop cable ( RJ14 / RJ14 ) Cable length : 3 m / 5 ft
E . hook up

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